How Magneto Set the Stage for Marvel’s Mutant Quantum Leap

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Always a visionary, Magneto set the stage for the next level ascension of the mutant type of stars long before the Abigail brand and Sword.

Warning: The following includes # 1 Eling, Valerio Sachiti, Marte Gracia and VC’s Ariana Maihar for spoilers, now on sale

Krakow’s new space program, SWORD, is a major step forward for the mutant type. Taking mutants into space opens up a world of possibilities for Krakow, along with the rest of the world. This would not be possible, however, if not for Magneto’s previous involvement with several mutant space stations.

In sword # 1, by Al Ewing and Valerio Cecchi, Magneto visits Peak on behalf of the Council of Quiet. When he arrives, The Master of Magnetism is treated with many of the characteristics that SWORD has imparted. The Abigail brand takes Magneto on a tour, first introducing him to Wiz-Kid, a resident of Peak. With its capabilities, Wiz-Kid has tied Krakow’s plant technology to Peak’s system.

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The Ambassador, the Extraordinary Ambassador, is also seen in a formal contest with Paibok of The Crib / Skille Alliance. Finally, Magneto witnesses the two-stage launch by The Six, which has sent several mutants to the depths of the multiverse. Six return with the strange Mysterium in tow, affecting Magneto.

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While all these developments are quite remarkable, it is Magneto’s work that made SWORD and Peak possible. On the way back X Men # 5, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Magneto built the first orbital mutant space station Asteroid M for his headquarters. On the asteroid M, Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants hover over humanity comfortably.

Over time, the asteroid M went through various incarnations, as it was constantly being destroyed and rebuilt. Newer versions of the space station left room for technological advancements, including medical / science facilities, blockage areas for mutant powers, an observation deck, sleeping chambers, and even swimming pools. Continuous improvements on the asteroid M have set the stage for future space stations such as Peak.

The remnants of Asteroid M became Avalon, another important space station that was originally of cable. Avalon’s technical interface allowed the cable to teleport through time and space, greatly improving on the Asteroid M. When the cable left Avalon, Magneto expanded and expanded on the station. Avalon was intended as a safe haven for mutants, although its existence interfered with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Ultimately, Avalon was doomed due to its devastating effect, eventually perishing in the war.

It is worth noting that many crew members aboard the Peak have considerable history with Magneto. One of the first and most infamous is Fabian Cortez, The Six. Cortez was one of Magneto’s original acolytes, which brought the Asteroid M into disrepute and killed the rest of the original acolysis. Magneto calls Cortez a traitor, ever since he hates him. In sword # 1, Magneto’s feelings have not changed, treating Cortez with utter disdain. Still, without Magneto, Cortez would not be on the peak to help Sword.

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Amelia Vogt is another former Acoletti who plays a big role on Peak. Over the years, Amelia has been a close collaborator of The Master of Magnetism, continuing her previous works within the Sword. Finally, Mania, the Extraordinaire as Ambassador, played a similar role in Genosha under the leadership of Magneto. As a former Acolyte and right-handed woman to Magneto, Frenzy shows the continued influence of Magneto on SWORD and Peak.

Although Peak is a product of Magneto’s legacy, it is beyond his ambitions. Peak is more than just a mutant space station. Now, mutants like The Six are venturing out into multiverse and retrieving powerful cosmic artifacts. As Magneto says at the end of the issue, Peake’s actions are beyond what he had ever dreamed of.

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