Horoscope California: February 2, 2021 Horoscope for Californians

Horoscope California: February 2, 2021 Horoscope for Californians

All Californians, we tell you what awaits you in your February 2, 2021 Horoscope, so take note of these predictions.

In today’s horoscopes, Ashley says that on the second day of each month we have to thank Divine Providence as it gives us shelter, grace, clothing, sustenance and health, so lots of light.


You will listen to your inner voice and your intuition will not be wrong about decisions or situations, messages or signals that are going to arrive in your life.
Before doing any work, make a plan and design for it. This will prevent you from making any kind of mistake. If you are doing any planning related to maintenance or repair of the house, then time is very favorable for these works .


You are not going to get hooked on absolutely anything. You are happy starting the new month and you have new channels opening in front of you and many new paths. You also have to close some, so in this way, maintain a balance in your life and in all senses.


You have everything to win! Everything is very favorable, especially, to all those who are in public relations, sales and communication since new channels of abundance and prosperity are opened to you. It is also time to harvest, thus waterfalls of opportunities.


You will have doubts when making decisions about everything new that is being offered to you; the best way is to observe or check it. This week it is important that you analyze everything new that is coming to you so that in this way you do not become saturated and you can have a perfect balance with yourself, love and work.


There are announcements that will give you a lot of joy and happiness, including rewards, recognition and applause. Also new and different things that the journey will start giving you from now on. This month of February is important to you because you will make excellent and very good decisions.


Put your feet on the ground and your eyes heavenward. Keep doing what you are doing because if you get hooked, they will wear you out on things that are not the least important. You need to channel and manage your energy in a super positive way for everything you are doing right now and the new opportunities that are in front of you.


Perfect balance is what we will have on this day so that everything flows in harmony. Take out any pain, burden and anguish very easily, just take a paper, pen and write everything that takes up space in your mind and heart. Release it, break it or throw it out so that it leaves your being and so that you open yourself to the new channels that are coming into your life in sentimental matters and, of course, work.


You enter a very good cycle, new paths come, personal, sentimental and work changes. Your ability, creativity, dedication and commitment will lead you to do new and different things that, in short, you like challenges and this will be very worthwhile and will make you very happy.


We have everything to win since we bring stellium in Aquarius and with Sagittarius it is great. In the physical, mental, and spiritual, channels of abundance open for a long time. Everything we do and have been doing, what we have given below, those paths will continue to open.


You will analyze, observe and check before making determinations, especially in all those that have to do with work, professional, economic, credit and financial life. When we walk with urgencies, needs or pressures we can make uncomfortable or restless decisions.


It is time to reap and sow, open our arms with palms towards the sky and say: “I am open and receptive to the benefits and blessings that this rich universe has for me.” It is a very good time to find lost pieces and do analysis of conscience, do introspection and put the cards on the table with yourself to reach agreements with you.


Changes are coming in the organization of your home and that is very wonderful because it is beneficial for you. There are also major physical changes like remodels, purchases, sales, and more. Keep up with the signals of the universe because the ones you will receive will be very good, which will give you a lot of inner peace.

Ashley Johnson
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