Hollywood wants to believe in change after Joe Biden's Win

Hollywood wants to believe in change after Joe Biden’s Win

Hollywood wants to believe in change after Joe Biden’s Win

American professionals and journalists explain how the result of the presidential elections should benefit the 7th Art without considering immediate changes.

  • If it is a little early for the benefits of the election of Joe Biden to be felt in Hollywood, professionals are already rejoicing.
  • They are optimistic that the Covid-19 crisis will be resolved sooner and hope that climate issues will return to the center of the debate.
  • They also expect a lot from the new administration in terms of creative freedom.
    They are also counting on the reopening of cinemas.

Hollywood has been jubilant since this weekend, like Joan Baez who dances between the shelves of the supermarket or Jamie Lee Curtis who rejoices, more soberly, on Instagram. Looking at them, you might think the situation will improve immediately for the Dream Factory. But will the next Biden administration have a notable influence on the 7th Art? Globe Live Media put the question to professionals and commentators.

What is certain is that the Trump administration is leaving American cinema in tatters between closing theaters and stopping filming. Didier Allouch , Cinema correspondent for Canal + in Los Angeles, confides to Globe Live Media: “For Biden, yes, Hollywood is overwhelmingly happy, but there will be no immediate consequences. It’s a bit early to know what’s going to happen.”

The Covid-19 at the center of the debate

The management of the pandemic by the Trump administration has not been convincing, far from it. And yet: “The priority in Hollywood is the Covid-19: how to adapt, shoot, release films and fire people (for the studios that do not mind) as long as the pandemic is there”, insists Didier Allouch. First of all, we must therefore get rid of the virus. Journalist Lisa Nesselson , originally from Chicago and film columnist for France 24, is optimistic: “Joe Biden, who trusts science, is in the process of developing a team that fights against the disease. This should make it possible to get back to normal more quickly and to shoot brawl or love scenes again. »Which is almost impossible to do today.

Ecology and creation same fight

“With Vice President Kamala Harris, Joe Biden will undoubtedly come to the aid of California devastated by forest fires: it will be the best way to rescue Hollywood at first”, explains to Globe Live Media the American director Merrill Lynn Aldighieri. She also hopes that the new government will support stars who support the environment like Matt Damon. “Their influence could turn public opinion in favor of the Paris Agreement “, predicts the one who dreams of seeing biopics or documentary productions launching on the affairs of the Trump era: “there is something to feed many fictions, now that creation will be freer. ” The procedure of ” ImpeachmentAgainst Donald Trump and his twists and turns, in particular, seems to him a golden subject.

Towards a relaxation of international relations

An American platform manager, who preferred to remain anonymous, is delighted with the result. “I believe that the Biden government will allow us to relax our trade relations with China but also restore confidence in America which was difficult with Trump, a racist, xenophobic, homophobic and liar president,” he explained to 20 Minutes . For France, we will have to be patient as the director Radu Mihaileanu declared here. , before the result of the election. “If Biden is elected, the impact for our cinema will take a long time to be felt. This cannot have the slightest influence on the current negotiations between our government and the platforms since the new administration will not be in power until January 2021. ”Much can still happen before Joe Biden is sworn in.

The rooms in the hot seat

Film historian Richard S. Meyers does not hide his concern. “We’re going to hold our breath until then,” he whispers to Globe Live Media. Hopefully, we’ll breathe again in ten weeks. »With a real desire to find cinemas. The rooms battered for months are no more than a shadow of themselves with many closures definitive announced. Lisa Nesselson is banking on their reopening. “Streaming is great in times of confinement, but it is a horror for the environment. Half an hour on YouTube is equivalent to 300 km by TGV from the point of view of the carbon impact! », She believes. And Richard Meyers added: “Hopefully there are rooms left to host the next exciting films that this call for air should generate. The hope that Joe Biden generates seems intense. Only time will tell if it is well placed.