Hogwarts Legacy will finally be released in 2022

Hogwarts Legacy will finally be released in 2022

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Originally scheduled for this year, the release of Hogwarts Legacy is already delayed for a year.

If a promising leak in 2018 had already created a certain expectation of fans around an RPG in the world of Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts, it was only two years later that an officialization of the project took place with a first trailer during an event dedicated to the PS5 from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Developed by Avalanche Software under the Portkey Games label of Warner Bros Games, Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game set in the Wizarding World (official name of the extended universe of the license) and mainly in the 1800s, well before the adventures of the famous wizard with the scar.

Global launch in 2022 for Hogwarts Legacy

Announced without further details for 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC, Hogwarts Legacy is now scheduled for 2022. The impact of the coronavirus on development and the recent woes of Cyberpunk 2077 are probably the reasons for this turnaround: “We would like to thank fans around the world for the huge reaction to the announcement of Hogwarts Legacy. Creating the best possible experience for all wizarding world fans and game enthusiasts is paramount for us, which is why we give it the time it needs.

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