We take Stock of Hitman 3: Gameplay, Destinations, New Features

We take Stock of Hitman 3: Gameplay, Destinations, New Features

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Game news We take stock of Hitman 3: gameplay, destinations, new features

Agent 47 is back in service in January 2021 to conclude an adventure between him and the Providence agency and its former employers. Hitman 3 wants to conclude the “World of Assassination” trilogy in style. IO Interactive is thus refining a “sandbox” formula that has proven itself without distorting it… which should delight fans of this cold-blooded assassin.

  • Hitman 3 is developed and self-published by Danish studios IO Interactive.
  • Hitman 3 will be released on January 20, 2021 on Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.
    • On Nintendo Switch, Hitman 3 will be playable in streaming (cloud gaming).
    • On PC, Hitman 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive when it launches.
  • The first two episodes of the trilogy, namely Hitman (2017) and Hitman 2 (2018), are included in Hitman 3 for a total of 100 GB on the hard drive once the game is installed.
  • The Next Gen update for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will be free for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, either for the physical or digital versions.
  • The Standard and Deluxe physical editions will be distributed in Europe.
    • Standard Edition (€ 59.99 on PC / € 69.99 on consoles).
    • Deluxe Edition (€ 89.99). It includes exclusive content: Escalades Contracts, costumes, Deluxe items, the soundtrack, the “World of Hitman” book in digital format and a director’s commentary.
  • Pre-orders give access to the “Trinity” pack including 3 weapons, 3 cases and 3 costumes.
  • This third episode is the conclusion of the “World of Assassination” trilogy that began in 2017 with Hitman.
  • You play as Agent 47, an assassin formerly in the service of the Providence agency, now at war with his former employers.
  • 6 new destinations await Agent 47, who will once again travel to the four corners of the globe:
    • Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
    • Dartmoor (United Kingdom)
    • Berlin (Germany)
    • Chongqing (China)
    • Mendoza (Argentine)
    • Carpathians (Romania)
  • IO Interactive retains the “sandbox” philosophy of the previous episodes by multiplying the approaches and the plots (scenarios) in order to eliminate the various targets, and to fulfill certain secondary objectives.
  • The formula “stealth / concealment / infiltration” changed very little between Hitman 3 and its predecessors. Agent 47 can use his Instinct, disguise himself, use many items / weapons, trigger accidents, hide bodies, etc.
    • Among the new features, Agent 47 can use a camera to hack magnetic locks and pick up clues.
    • Hitman 3 also offers shortcuts within the levels to reward the curious.
  • Several modes are available:
    • Campaign: Complete the main adventure and the 6 missions that make it up.
    • Fugitive Targets: Hunt down and eliminate a single target during challenges that drastically reduce the aids given to Agent 47.
    • Escalations: Complete required objectives while complying with growing restrictions and bypassing added complications as the mission progresses.
    • Contracts: Create your own missions, complete them, and share them with the community.
    • Sniper Assassin: Eliminate one or more targets from a distance without being spotted while completing various challenges to increase his final score.
  • Crowd technology can now display and generate groupings of up to 300 individuals (NPCs – non-player characters).
  • IO Interactive’s in-house “Glacier” engine benefits from several improvements including light and reflection effects.
  • Hitman 3 runs in 4K at 60 frames / second on PC (depending on configurations).
  • Hitman 3 does not offer any multiplayer mode.
    • Hitman 2’s “Ghost” mode servers have been closed since the end of August 2020.
  • Hitman 3 is playable in first-person VR exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with PlayStation VR, but without PS Move.
    • PS4 version is required to play in VR on PS5.

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