Hitman 3: The World of Assassination

Hitman 3: The World of Assassination

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Before retiring for good, the formidable Agent 47 is back to carry out the most important contracts of his entire career.

More mature, more serious but also darker than the previous episodes, Hitman 3 will once again offer third-person infiltration with or without VR (PlayStation VR exclusive) in locations around the world. If players’ expectations soon come to an end, they can pre-order the game now to gain access to the Trinity Pack (three outfits, cases and weapons) paying homage to the World of Assassination trilogy that will end where it all ends. started… in Romania.

The Hitman 3 Launch Trailer

The third installment of Hitman’s licenseIO Interactive will be available tomorrow on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch (cloud version), Google Stadia and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Importing Hitman content on PC, IO Interactive takes stock

If Hitman 3 allows the import of the content of both games of the license, they must be owned on the same platform, which annoys some players on the Steam platform as the new Hitman is a temporary one-year exclusive on the Epic Games EGS. To avoid getting into trouble, Danish studio IO Interactive ensures they won’t have to go back to checkout : “We continue to work on a solution with our partners to allow PC gamers who own Hitman 1 or Hitman 2 to import missions and maps from those games into Hitman 3 at no additional cost. We guarantee that players will not need to redeem the games. Until this solution is implemented in the coming weeks, the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass will be free for all PC gamers who purchase or pre-purchase Hitman 3 within the first ten days of its release. We are very happy that you can fully enjoy the World of Assassination experience.”

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