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Hitman 3: Less than 3 minutes to Emancipate Yourself

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The Hitman franchise has never really relied on its script to stand out. However, the reboot started in 2016 dares to think outside the box, and gives itself the airs of an international thriller strongly inspired by the 7th Art while maintaining this cold tone specific to the series. Even if the staging remains sober, even minimalist, it is undeniable that IO Interactive has worked on its copy. Hitman 3 is the perfect conclusion to this story.

Hitman and Hitman 2 took us to the four corners of the world, and this new episode is no exception to the rule. Hitman 3 literally takes us across the country. From Dubai to the Carpathians, from the Middle Kingdom to Argentina… Agent 47 plays globetrotters with 6 new destinations, sources of change of scenery and discovery, with particularly marked atmospheres.

On the technical side, IO Interactive puts on a show with its in-house “Glacier” engine capable of guaranteeing a smooth gaming experience – up to 4K at 60 frames per second depending on the machine, without ever sacrificing the visuals. Among other things, the latter benefit from striking lighting and reflection effects, despite some less inspired interiors. Not to mention the crowd technology, which is the pride of the studios, now able to display and bring to life 300 NPCs simultaneously.

As for the gameplay, Hitman 3 modifies only on the surface and by small touches the “sandbox” formula of the trilogy, a formula which has been able to reconnect with the origins of the saga. Stealth, concealment and diversion are once again the pillars of an experience that rewards curiosity and exploration of semi-open areas. The title of IO Interactive relies on the multiplication of approaches to fulfill mission objectives to the point of guaranteeing exemplary replayability within levels designed as immense puzzles. Getting to kill your targets the first time is just the beginning of an adventure that encourages players to get creative.

In terms of mechanics, Agent 47 has not lost any of his skills, and is even increasing in skills. A new camera is added to the tools in his possession. The latter allows, among other things, to hack magnetic locks and find clues. Apart from this minor addition, IO Interactive has focused on improving the existing one, starting with the artificial intelligence of enemies and the crowd, which however remains perfectible. In addition, the combat phases still lack intensity, and struggle to stand out. Everything is a weapon in the hands of Agent 47, yet the latter fails to evolve naturally during these sequences of action.

Finally, once the campaign is over, players can put their assassin skills to the test via a mission editor, as well as “Sniper Assassin”, “Fugitive Targets” and “Escalades” modes. Unfortunately, the elimination of the “Ghost” multiplayer mode is to be deplored.

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