Gustavo Posse: “Radicalism has to be the protagonist of the decisions made in Together for Change”

Posse led the event this afternoon in Ituzaingó
Posse led the event this afternoon in Ituzaingó

The mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse, headed this Saturday afternoon a meeting with representatives and militants of the UCR. The event was attended by historical references such as Coti Nosiglia, Federico Storani, Juan Manuel Casella and leaders of the First Electoral Section.

The candidate to preside over the UCR for list 14 “Radical Protagonism” highlighted the need to strengthen the party and stop “handing over the structure to the PRO.”

The meeting was held at the Quinta Vacarezza in Ituzaingó and the communal chief stated that “radicalism has to be the protagonist of the decisions made in Together for Change, abandon the silence and be a full partner within the front in order to increase the 41 percent of the votes we obtained in 2019 ”.

Militants and representatives of the UCR attended the event
Militants and representatives of the UCR attended the event

Continued possession: “The PRO did not understand and was not intelligent in the way of dealing with the Unión Cívica Radical and they went to the last election with numb radicalism. List 14 is the dream list that will make things return to their place ”,

The day ended with a plenary session held in the city of San Antonio de Areco that brought together the membership of the Second Electoral Section.

The internal elections of the Buenos Aires UCR are scheduled for March 21, 2021.

The event was also attended by the candidate for vice president of the Committee and vice-rector of UNNOBA, Danya Tavela; the candidate for delegate of the National Committee, Pablo Domenichini; the candidate for Secretary General of the Committee, Franco Cominotto; the candidate for the first national conventional, Alejandro Echegaray; the mayor of General Villegas and candidate for national conventional, Franco Flexas; the mayor of Maipú and candidate for first member, Matías Rapallini and the former provincial legislator and former mayor of Chascomús Liliana Denot, among others.

List 14 was made up of eight movements represented by the Current of National Opinion (CON), referenced in Federico Storani; the Ricardo Rojas Foundation, by Juan Manuel Casella; Mobilización Partidaria, by Fabio Abraham; the National Movement for the Militancy of “Changui” Cáceres; the Yrigoyenista Affirmation Movement (MAY); Radical Evolution, led by Martín Lousteau; Open Space, hosted by Gustavo Posse, and the space of Alfonsinist leaders of the province of Buenos Aires.

Enrique "Coti" Nosiglia was part of the meeting this afternoon
Enrique “Coti” Nosiglia was part of the meeting this afternoon

The previous Saturday, Posse held another meeting with representatives and members of the UCR in which he participated Martin Lousteau.

Lousteau gave strong support to the candidate for president of the opposition to the current leadership of the Provincial Committee. “We want a radicalism that manages and Posse is the best example of that. The best that there was was chosen, we have the best combination to face the things that the country needs. The last radical epic to transform reality is definitely here ”, emphasized Lousteau and highlighted the electoral weight of the Third Section. “Here, in the suburbs, the election is decided. It’s like the final of a World Cup “he exclaimed.

Lousteau said that he “wants and believes” in this radicalism to transform reality, because on the other side is “the one who prefers to have the super structure instead of going to manage in complex places, who also prefers to have a mayor in the suburbs and leave five to the PRO, or ask another party who the candidates should be ”.

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