GTA 5 Actor – Lamar Roasts Franklin in Real Life

GTA 5 Actor – Lamar Roasts Franklin in Real Life

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Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 may be over seven years old, but it’s still one of the most popular games out there. While GTA 5 is still selling excellently and has been debated over and over again years after its original release, it has recently received additional attention with a new meme.

GTA fans are thrilled with the scene in which Lamar Franklin kills and modifies the already funny moment in a small but memorable way. Some clips transform Lamar into a “Valley Girl” and adapt the dialogue to the new role, while others show the scene from the point of view of any civilian.

Franklin and Lamar

However, the best Lamar and Franklin meme to date was created by the actors who played the characters in the original scene. Franklin actor Shawn Fonteno and Lamar actor Gerald Johnson “Slink” dressed up as their respective characters for the clip, with Lamar’s signature green shirt and Franklin’s blue top looking exactly the same as in the game.

While it would have been funny enough to have them recite their dialogue word for word in a clip, the video on YouTube goes a step further.

Perfect imitation

Aside from the fact that the Grand Theft Auto 5 characters recite their dialogues in the iconic outfits from the much-quoted scene, the duo manages to make almost 1: 1 the same gestures that can be seen in the animations of the game.

Johnson meets Lamar’s running style, poses and all the cheek, while Fonteno’s touch of his head after commenting on his “Yee Yee Ass Haircut” was ingeniously implemented. Even the angles at which the characters are positioned to the camera are absolutely on-point. PlayStation Haven and the excellent duo of actors couldn’t have done it better because the video is right at the top of the trend.

Here you can see the video

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