Green Arrow Is the Justice League’s New Leader

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The synopsis for The Flash # 687 confirms that Green Arrow is the new leader of the Justice League, and will have a meeting with Wally.

A new version of the Justice League will debut in March, and their leader is an unconventional option.

According to the summary for Flash # 687, Green Arrow will perform leadership duties for the world’s greatest Super Heroes. “Barry Allen and Wally West must face the past through the Justice League, led by Green Arrow,” reads Complete Synopsis. “Ollie’s a person Wally hasn’t talked to since Roy’s death, so pick up the Flash starting in March 2021 and let the Flash family decide who will carry the Scarlet Speedster legacy into the future!”

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The latter refers to events Heroes in Crisis, Which saw Roy Harper / Arsenal die at the hands of Wally. Oliver Queen worked as a mentor and father to Harper, coaching him as a Speedie when he was a boy. Wally has since committed a massive crime Flash # 687 will see him attempting to retire from the hero business – though looking at Synopsis, that retirement will likely be short-lived.

However, DC’s plea to March Comics suggests that Superman is the leader of the Justice League. Where the Green Arrow-led team leaves is not clear, but it can transfer time or reality.

The all-new Justice League was teased, featuring artwork by David Marquez in an Instagram post by Brian Michael Bendis. DC also posted Marquez’s variant cover Justice League From # 59 Twitter, Featuring the first full look in the all new league. Both images feature Green Arrow in their membership.

Flash # 768, written by Jeremy Adams with art and cover by Brandon Peterson, goes on sale in March. 16, 2021.

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