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Google Will Make the Migration of ‘Apps’ Easier When You Buy a New Mobile

There is no task that occupies us more time than that in which we change our mobile phone and we have to restore the data from the old to the new terminal. It is a fairly simple process to carry out because it relies on the Google account to recover the data from the backups stored in your cloud, so in just a few minutes it is already completed. Or not?

This is where the problem that the Mountain Viewers want to expedite comes into play. And it is that restoring the backup completely does not take those few minutes in which we log in , we choose to backup the old mobile and install it in the new one, but then we have to wait even hours if we have many apps , photos, videos, data and content to download. And while that procedure is not completed there are tools that we cannot use. Furthermore, thanks to “Murphy’s Law”, Android always leaves the ones we need most until last.

Google wants to shorten the times

Thus, the parents of Android are thinking about how to streamline everything is a process to shorten the download times of all that information that we bring from the old mobile and that usually occupies dozens of gigabytes. And they seem to have found a solution that they have named Install Hints , which will take care of just that, reducing the amount of time required to have the smartphone ready to work with it.

The idea that they handle from Google is that this system focuses on getting to the mobile when before those apps that we use most frequently to leave the least ones for last. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because in these restoration processes many of us have ever wondered what the criteria are for downloading apps , going so far as to leave just the one we need the most until last: WhatsApp and its backup of chats, photos, videos, etc.

According to those responsible for the finding, who have published their research on XDA-Developers, this Install Hints “adds a field” to the backup information that tells the new device what the installation priority of that application is. This data is obtained, obviously, from a source as reliable as the hours of use by the user, which automatically creates a ranking that prioritizes some apps over others. After all, the usage reports that Android creates for these digital wellness applications are there, so it doesn’t hurt to use them for a procedure as cumbersome as changing smartphones .


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