Globe Live Media – The bivouac that never sleeps

Globe Live Media – The bivouac that never sleeps

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They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, that you go out when you go out there is a constant movement of cars and people at all hours of the day. Well, the Dakar bivouac is its namesake, but in the desert. Ok, here instead of the huge skyscrapers that draw the skyline The world’s most famous carp, and more than a ‘Big Apple’ is a ‘Big Secarral’, but exactly the same thing happens. From the time you arrive first thing in the morning until you leave the next morning, there is not a single moment of rest.

The bonfire of the Yanbu bivouac.
Victor Serrano

Organization and Press we are the first to give life to the common areas. Then, little by little, the teams’ trucks arrive at their designated areas in the huge parking lot on the sides to set up their tents and build the real bivouac. Although there are stages in which they do not have time to have everything ready to receive their pilots. The afternoon / night is the moment of greatest apogee already with the protagonists here. Showers, dinners and to bed. In that order, but not all at the same time, of course. That is why the traffic is continuous, and also when they have to leave at dawn while some try to sleep amid the noises of generators …

Melissa Galbraith
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