Gerard Butler & Morena Baccarin Talk Creating an Onscreen Family in Greenland

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In an interview, the Greenland stars discussed Gerard Butler and Morena Beqarin about what they most appreciated about their new disaster film.

Gerard Butler and Morena Bacarin are both fan-favorite actors, racking up credits in some of the most beloved TV and film projects of all time. Butler is an action hero known for crowd pleasures 300 And Angel hasan fell, While Baccarin first received notice as Inara on the short-lived but beloved series Firefly And has pleased audiences recently Dead pool And its sequel. Now, teaming up for the pair Greenland, A thrilling disaster film in which they play John and Allison Garrity, a couple who come back together to save themselves and their young son, Nathan, when they discover that a planet-killing comet Is on a collision course with Earth.

Butler and Baccarin talk to CBR about their new film, which they also wanted to join Greenland, He was most appreciative of the story and how he formed an onscreen family unit with Roger Dale Floyd playing the role of Nathan.

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What attracted you both GreenlandThe

Gerard Butler: Well, an opportunity to team up with Rick Roman Waugh [who directed Angel Has Fallen,] Then, from what I knew it would be able to take it to really fresh and new heights. But what I really loved was the ability to create an epic fantasy thriller of sorts, but really viewed through the lens of a family drama that is so intimate and sensitive and emotional and intense and authentic. Because it seems to me that if an audience can climb it and go to the ground that is so lacking in these films, it gives it a lot of heart and it is incredibly believable and really gives them a journey But that is so much more epic and deep. And that’s what seems to be the case to me, with the script and Rick’s direction and then brought in the wonderful Morena, which gave it a lot of heart and strength, and that’s why I was appealed to.

Morena Bacarin: I would just say the other one, honestly. This was a script that you hardly get to read. An action film, whatever you want, it is a world disaster film, which has so much heart and connection to humanity, and it was really lovely.

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I was surprised how the film was. What was it like to form a family unit with the two of you and Roger Dale Floyd, who played your son, Nathan?

Bakkarin: It was like a real family. We rode each other’s nerves, we talked a lot, we disciplined. It was fun. We spent a lot of time together and had a lot of challenging moments. And when you are working with a child – he was a real winner – but you have to deposit his stuff in the bank first for many reasons, hours and exhaustion, and it was good and bad. There were challenges with this, as Gerry and I were constantly trying to work about the timing of its performance. But still, it allowed us to get him out in a good way. You know to bank her luggage well and take her home and safely, and then we can really dive into our work together. So it was felt by some parents, who then sent their child to a midwife.

Butler: Yes, and this is also the story, I think. And in this story we often forget, how would you say, assimilate our fear because we are in a race to get to where we are going. But you have to deal with a child who is scared and who is not always going to act the way we want them to. So, as Morena said, yes, it was really like a family. Also, with more than 100 million hours spent in the car, Morena and I really know each other, which helped. I felt that we were actually way too high for me – and I had high hopes – but our chemistry just brought so much heart to the film, and the truth. And this is what helps to take the audience on this incredible, unforgettable ride.

Directed by Rick Roman Waugh and starring Gerard Butler, Morena Bekdin, Roger Del Floyd and Scott Glenn, Greenland premiered on Friday 18 December on demand for premium videos.

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