Xbox Series X: At least two major

Xbox Series X: At least two major “secret games” reportedly appear this year

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The year 2021 has only just begun, but the next few months look very promising for gaming fans. There are some games on the program, especially for the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. This supposedly also includes two currently still secret AAA titles – large-scale productions with a proper budget. According to current plans, these should appear later this year. At least that’s what you can hear in the latest edition of the Xbox Two podcast.

Jez Corden from Windows Central magazine spoke up there to speak about this topic. Accordingly, he knows of at least two such games that will be released for an Xbox console by the end of this year. He did not define exactly whether he was the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X. (buy now ) means. But his further comments at least allow the conclusion that this is probably the next-gen console from Microsoft.

The question naturally arises as to what these secret games could be. It is possible that behind one of these titles is the racing game Forza Horizon 5, about which one or the other rumor had surfaced in the recent past. Later in the podcast, the Xbox insider “Rand al’Thor” also brought up the first person shooter Wolfenstein 3, the development of which is said to be almost complete.

However, so far there has been neither a statement nor a confirmation from Microsoft, so you should treat the whole thing with a certain amount of caution. What is your opinion on the secret game? What could it be? Let us know in the comments!

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