It’s been just under a month since Microsoft announced price increases for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in Japan, and now the company has raised prices in another region. As Gaming Vice spotted, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now more expensive in Sweden.

Prices for both consoles have increased in Microsoft’s Swedish store, with the Xbox Series X now coming to SEK 6,195 and the cost of the Xbox Series S SEK3,895. The previous price levels were set at 5,695 SEK and 3,595 SEK respectively.

For now, there is no official confirmation of price increases in any other European country. However, Phil Spencer & co. hinted at these sorts of price hikes for Xbox a few months ago, so there’s a chance other regions will follow depending on the economic situation.

Sony raised the price of the PS5 in most regions outside of the US last year, including the UK and Europe. Microsoft held on a bit longer, but Xbox price hikes are starting to show up as we head into 2023.

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