Xbox Game Pass: Sea of ​​Thieves is full of new features with its 2nd season!

Xbox Game Pass: Sea of ​​Thieves is full of new features with its 2nd season!

Hear, hear, sailor! With its unique formula, Xbox Game Pass offers millions of gamers access to a large catalog of nearly a hundred games. In addition to a host of hits, starting with creations from Bethesda and Electronic Arts, this selection also includes the best Xbox exclusives. Among these stars, Sea of ​​Thieves, the formidable pirate game from Rare that takes you to the seas for exciting treasure hunts!

The Xbox team had promised it, Sea of Thieves is a game whose content will evolve over the years. Already offering an extraordinary and very complete experience upon its release, the game of Rare is full of new features in 2021 with the launch of its second season. In addition to a Plunder Pass made up of a hundred rewards, this big update brings with it a new major challenge: the Fortresses of Fortune!

More demanding than Skeleton Fortresses, but also more profitable, Fortresses of Fortune can emerge at any time. Watch the heavens carefully, for as soon as the scarred skull cloud makes its appearance, you can be sure that all crews will converge on the point it indicates ! You will find a stronghold filled with enemies arriving in waves, many traps and of course, a wonderful treasure as a reward. A tough challenge! If you prefer to make a more peaceful living as a pirate, new options open to budding merchants. The new Alliance routes now give the possibility to buy chests of goods at low cost in order to resell them to different outposts while pocketing a nice added value in the process. Don’t leave without your weapons though, rival ships will quickly board your ship!

In addition to these top-notch new features, Sea of ​​Thieves season two brings with it a myriad of new rewards. Whether it’s increasing your fame level or becoming an emissary for one of the companies, there are plenty of ways to get additional items and skins for you and your ship. Pavilions, figureheads, sails … A vast selection of content that combines piracy and style!

With this new season available for free, all Xbox Game Pass owners can enjoy ever richer and more exhilarating adventures! But in addition to this beautiful experience on the seas, the Xbox service offers you to discover dozens of other exciting games. Among the latest arrivals, it is important not to missOutriders, Square Enix’s futuristic TPS, nor Grand Theft Auto V. The Rockstar Games blockbuster returns to the catalog, bringing with it the huge playground of Los Santos! Lovers of Japan will be able to travel a little with Yakuza 6 : The Song of Life, a stunning adventure taking place in the streets of Tokyo. Do you prefer to strafe the living dead? So don’t hesitate to get started Zombie Army 4 : Dead War, a top-flight escape! Finally, from on April 29, the recent remake of Destroy All Humans! will enter the catalog.

And that’s just a small sample of the huge selection of games available with Xbox Game Pass. Want to experience Sea of ​​Thieves and dozens of other amazing titles? So do not wait any longer! Take advantage now of a 1 month trial at € 1 to discover all the advantages of this essential offer!

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