WoW Shadowlands: The currently most Popular Tanks and Healers in Mythic Dungeons

WoW Shadowlands: The currently most Popular Tanks and Healers in Mythic Dungeons

The tenth week of Season 1 in the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is now behind us. We take this as an opportunity to take a closer look at the currently most popular tank and healer classes for the mythical dungeons.

Incidentally, the ranking lists are based on the data from the website, which archived all runs in Mythic dungeons of the past week.

However, almost nothing has changed compared to the previous weeks. Only the gaps between the individual placements have become somewhat larger or smaller.

In terms of tanks, the demon hunter is still in first place with a very clear lead. Behind are the paladin and the monk. At the lower end you can still find the warrior with the protection specialization.

In the healer category, the druid was able to successfully defend its top position against both the shaman and the paladin, even if the gap between first and second rank has become damned small. In the last place is still Mistweaver Monk – and relatively far behind. Here is an overview of the two rankings:

The most popular tank classes

  1. Vengeful Demon Hunters
  2. Protection paladin
  3. Brewmaster Monk
  4. Blood death knight
  5. Guardian druid
  6. Protection warrior

The most popular healer classes

  1. Restoration Druid
  2. Restoration shaman
  3. Holy Paladin
  4. Discipline priest
  5. Holy Priest
  6. Mistweaver Monk

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