WoW-Leak: Info about Shadowlands & Classic accidentally published

WoW-Leak: Info about Shadowlands & Classic accidentally published

Blizzcon starts on February 19th. Then Blizzard wants to share a lot of new information about their current and future games with the public. Unfortunately, some of this information came to light much earlier now. More precisely, we already know a lot more about the new content for World of Warcraft due to a leak.

Apparently the studio accidentally shared press materials on the public servers. So fans could catch a glimpse of the first screenshots and lots of new information even before the actual fair. It’s about the first major content update for Shadowlands and the new addon for WoW: Classic.

For legal reasons we cannot show you the leaked screenshots. You can take a look at the Wowhead fansite.

Chains of Domination for Shadowlands

In the new 10-player raid for Shadowlands you meet Sylvanas again.

The first part of the leak revolves around the new update for WoW: Shadowlands. So that will obviously go by the name of chains of domination. The leak does not yet reveal when the update will be released, but there are a few more details about the content:

  • The city of secrets: Players of all pacts will head to the city of Korthia. There they look for clues and of course do a lot of quests. Meanwhile, the jailer is looking for an unspecified item that fulfills his dark plan.
  • Together against the jailer: As the campaign progresses, champions of all pacts will have to team up to take the fight straight to the jailer’s territory.
  • New raid: A new raid for 10 players will be introduced with Update 9.1. Here we go to the Sanctum of Domination, where we personally mess with the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • New mega dungeon: In this new dungeon you take on eight different bosses. The entrance is in the broker’s bazaar. The dungeon itself is called Tazavesh and, like every mega dungeon, can only be played at a mythical level of difficulty.
  • Even more: In addition, there are many small additions, such as raids, dungeons, PvP Season 2, cosmetic armor, new mounts, new pets and finally the possibility to fly.

Burning Crusade for WoW Classic

There is no big surprise here. After all, Burning Crusade was the first addon for WoW in 2007 and in the run-up to Blizzcon there were also minor leaks from trustworthy sources such as Kaiser499, who announced Burning Crusade as an expansion for WoW Classic. But now we have a certainty.

As before, it’s about the Burning Legion’s renewed attempt to devastate the lands of the mortals. To prevent this, our heroes travel through the Dark Portal to Outland. There are also two new races. The blood elves join the Horde while draenei shamans join the alliance. More content from the addon will gradually be built into WoW Classic.

Burning Crusade, like WoW Classic, will be available to all subscribers. By the way, if you don’t feel like using the add-on, you can continue to play Classic as it is right now.

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