Women and video games, those who play have a more active sex life for a survey

Women Who Play Video Games Have a More Active Sex Life: From a Survey

These are the data that emerged from a new survey!

According to a new survey conducted by GameHouse and who quickly made the rounds of the web, the donne who play video games have a more active sex life compared to those who do not appreciate, or at least do not use, the titles coming from the medium in question.

According to a new survey, women who play video games have a more active sex life than those who don’t

In fact, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of GameHouse between 2.000 random participants, the 55% of those who were classified as online gamers were specifically women. And it turned out that the 57% of girls who have classified themselves as gamers (PC, console, social media) have a more active sex life than the 52% of women who do not play.

Overall, the girls who “they play They are generally found to be happier, having more fulfilling relationships than women who don’t. The donne gamer they have also shown that you are also more likely to socialize with friends and family through social media and in person, however, it was found that only a minority of women play with the aim of “socialize“.

They were more likely to play games to relieve stress or simply switch off their brains for a while rather than socialize. The survey in question also showed that both groups of girls looked at about the same amount of TV.
Matt Hulett chief player of GameHouse a division of RealNetworks stated the following:

“Maybe if we all watched a little less TV and played more games online, we’d all have a little more sex. Seriously, this survey matches our internal data that women are embracing online gaming widely with 63% of GameHouse players being female. It’s nice to know that girls who play online are happy, both in their relationships and in the bedroom too ”.

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