Team Ninja has released a major update, version 1.03, for Wo Long, with some fixes and adjustments specific to the Windows version of the game mentioned in the patch notes. The full list of updates can be found on the official Team Ninja website for the game. There are also some fixes for the demo version of the game.

Patch 2.03 for the demo version of Wo Long will fix a bug that causes equipment special effects to disappear in storage. It also adjusted how mouse players can control the camera. This same camera fix is ​​in patch 1.03 for Wo Long. Version 2.03 also fixed crashes and white flickering that could occur in certain environments, as well as general resolution issues.

As for fixes that will be on all platforms, Wo Long version 1.03 will now allow guest players to skip cutscenes and leave after boss fights. This will make the online multiplayer experience a little smoother. It also fixed a specific bug for players who had transferred save data from the demo. There were instances where players were unable to progress beyond where you encountered Zhao Yun if you had a particular progress status in the demo.

Wo Long is available for PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. As mentioned above, the full solution of tweaks and fixes for version 1.03 can be found on the Team Ninja website.

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