Will F-Zero return to Nintendo Switch?  An insider suggests it

Will F-Zero return to Nintendo Switch? An insider suggests it

The Serie F-Zero it will make something sound only to the minds of gamers with at least twenty years of gaming on their shoulders, or at least to young people who love retrogaming of the early 2000s. Yet, things could change, in the future, if the insider SyluxHunter2 he will be right about his words and the clue that leads us points in the right direction, which is still to be seen.

Will F-Zero return? It is never too late to hope for it!

The insider in question, however, is not the first to pass. Indeed, it is known as a reliable source, with several leaks that have proved correct, such as the one on the announcement of the version Nintendo Switch from NieR: Automata and chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Persona occurred during the Nintendo Direct at the end of June. Only last week, moreover, he correctly anticipated the future launch date of Bayonetta 3.

During an interview granted to the YouTube channel SwitchForce the insider provided a clue regarding the possible return of F-Zero that to define cryptic is little. According to him in fact Nintendo left a message in binary code which, once translated, shows the numbers 25, 7, 2 e 16.

This has led to the emergence of several theories, one of the most accredited of which would like those numbers to refer to the release date, set for the 25/7of the series number 2of the slopes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxewhich would bring the total number of tracks available in game to 16.

One user, however, saw longer, beyond simple numbers, to the point of correlating them with letters Y, G, B e Pwhich together form the acronym YGBPwhich represents one of the iconic phrases of F-Zero X: “You Got Boost Power”, the phrase that accompanied each player at the start of the second lap of the track – and also the title of one of the tracks on the game’s soundtrack. This theory was confirmed by the same SyluxHunter2 via Twitter, which, however, did not add anything else to the story.

The last title in the series was F-Zero Climax game dating back to 2004 for Game Boy Advance launched only in Japan and still unpublished in the rest of the world. A series of crazy adrenaline-fueled racing that may have a lot new to say nowadays, with the possibilities that the technology of Nintendo Switch offers more than in the past. Of course this is all speculation, but it’s never too late to hope so let’s keep our fingers crossed for good!

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