The Nodachi is one of the best weapons players can use in Wild Hearts, but figuring out how to use it can be tricky. Wild Hearts is Koei Tecmo’s take on the monster hunting genre, featuring eight different weapon types. Each weapon has a completely diverse set of skills and abilities and a range of perks that can make each incredibly powerful. This guide will show you the best version of Nodachi you can use in Wild Hearts.

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Best Nodachi build in Wild Hearts

Each weapon in Wild Hearts can be upgraded in multiple ways. Outside of standard direct weapon enhancements, armor pieces and talismans can grant your character enhancements that augment a weapon’s innate abilities. The Nodachi is a massive two-handed sword that takes a long time to master due to its size and lack of speed. Its main mechanic is to charge the Value Gauge with R2 and release it to unleash powerful but slow attacks. We suggest building a training dummy, as it provides a good way to test out your shades.

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Once you’re comfortable with the weapon’s fighting style, it’s time to start building the build you want to use to maximize that weapon’s potential. This late game build revolves around Nodachi’s raw damage output and Valor gauge charge speed. It all starts with the set of weapons and armor you need to create.

Best Nodachi Update in Wild Hearts

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The Nodachi can be upgraded in many ways, but the best weapon upgrade that works well with the armor set you should use is the Ame-no-hagakiri. It has a staggering base damage of 1105 and has perks that boost its charge attack and signature weapon ability. This weapon can be found at the bottom of the upgrade tree, requiring Heavenly Dragon materials to forge.

Best Nodachi Armor in Wild Hearts

This armor set takes advantage of Nodachi’s scabbard attacks. Attacking from the scabbard is the key to success with Nodachi. This armor set will make that playstyle shine.

  • Mengu with White Fang Brocade (Human Way)
  • White Fang Brocade Armor (Human-Path)
  • Garuda Gauntlets
  • Garuda Hakama (human path)
  • White Fang Brocade Boots (Human-Path)

With this armor installed, you can deal massive damage every time you draw your weapon and attack, which is all the time, as this weapon is designed for a small handful of attacks and then running away from danger . Now that you have the correct armor, you need the Talismans to augment this build.

Best Nodachi Talismans in Wild Hearts

These talismans focus on improving base weapon damage, since you’re trying to make each hit as strong as possible due to its low attack speed. Look for these talismans with corresponding benefits.

  • Talisman of Defense: Champion of the Wild and Ancient Tree.
  • Attack Talisman: Dodge Boost.
  • Iron Man Talisman: Health increase and finishing blow.
  • Raiders Talisman: guarded weapon art.

Once you’ve assembled this team, you can transform the Nodachi into the most damaging sword in Wild Hearts. Learn their nuances, time your strikes, and make the greatest Kemono fear your sword.


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