PlayStation 5 Pro Version

What Do We Know About the PlayStation 5 Pro Version

Everything We Know About PS5 Pro

When you want the best in something, sometimes it’s easy to do. For example, US players can use a site like to check the best gambling bonuses and find what they’re looking for in a matter of minutes. But sometimes, you have to wait for “production” until something gets better: the Pro version of the PlayStation 5 is an excellent example of this. It has been confirmed that a more advanced version of PS5, one of Sony’s best-selling consoles, will be released soon.

“Technologically, we are confident that the PS5 Pro will be the better option for iGaming,” says Tony Sloterman, Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder company. “Nowadays, iGaming products can also include advanced features to push the limits of hardware, and more power is needed to get a seamless experience with PlayStation’s browser.” If you’ve been looking forward to the Pro version of PlayStation 5, you can find out everything about what to expect from it below.

Is There Any Confirmed Information?

Unfortunately, no information is confirmed by Sony other than that a Pro version exists. This is not surprising, as Sony is known for being very secretive: they hardly shared any information about Pro versions of other PlayStations before the product was released. All the information comes from leaked data from accessory factories and sources close to Sony. There’s no way of knowing how accurate they are, but some leaks seem pretty plausible.

Design Changes

The PS5 had an interesting design, and a fairly large chassis was used to keep it cool. We know the PS5 Pro version will have more advanced hardware, but that also means more cooling problems will arise. Therefore, no radical changes are expected in the design of the Pro version, and there are no new prototypes sent to the factories. The Pro version will most likely have the same design as the PS5 but with additional color options. We’ll have to wait for the “Slim” version for a slimmer design.

Specs & Features

All the features that PS5 cannot offer are expected to be included in the Pro version. This means Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision support, native 1440p output, and 4K 60 FPS with ray-tracing active. The Pro version will most likely support 8K resolutions as well, as TVs with this feature will become widespread in the next two years. It’s one of the confirmed rumors that the new console will offer PSVR 2 (PlayStation Virtual Reality) support, which means there will be upgrades to the GPU and CPU architecture as well. Most likely, the new console will use 5nm technology and RDNA-3 architecture. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we’ll see games with much better graphics right away: it can take years for game developers to adapt to new hardware and learn to use it effectively. Therefore, you should not expect better graphics quality for at least a few years.

Price & Release Date

Sony is happy with the sales of the PlayStation 5: the console is almost out of stock, even now. Therefore, do not expect radical changes in the price of the console. Most sources expect the Pro version to be available for $499/£449. The Slim version, on the other hand, will have a price tag of $399/£349. No one expects Sony to change its pricing policy, which it has been pursuing for years.

There are only estimates for the release date, but all reputable sources agree on the late 2023 – early 2024 period. Our guess is that it will launch around Christmas 2023: this is usually the best time to put a new product on sale.

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