Yesterday at the Xbox and Bethesda event we could see a string of constant games scheduled for the next 12 months. Among these games we could see titles of all kinds, some known and others new, but among all of them, one of the most anticipated was left out of the equation, nothing more and nothing less than Stalker 2.

A few weeks ago we shared with you that the studio was resuming activity despite the complicated situation due to the war in which Ukraine is submerged with Russia. This unfortunate invasion is making not only that the studios cannot work on their games, but also condemning future generations in the country for all the bad that an armed conflict of these characteristics can leave us.

Stalker 2 will not arrive in 2022

It was first scheduled to be released in April 2022, later it was delayed to December of this year, but indirectly yesterday when Microsoft announced the games that will come to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, it did not comment on Stalker 2 and did not come out at any time of the event . With the complicated situation in the development derived from the armed conflict in the country, it was very difficult for them to achieve the necessary synergies to resume the project with guarantees, so except for a major surprise, the game will arrive later in the absence of official confirmation.

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