Vintage Story wants to be like Minecraft, but much more realistic

Vintage Story wants to be like Minecraft, but much more realistic

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The inspiration of Vintage Story can hardly be denied: It emulates Minecraft. No wonder. It all started as a mod for the pixel construction kit. However, with its greater focus on realism and a proper backstory, it does offer some unique selling points.

When will it come out? Vintage Story has been in Early Access since September 2016. There is no release date for the finished version.

How expensive is Vintage Story? The game costs 15 euros. There is also a free classic version. However, this is already older and, according to the developer, does not reflect the current status of the project.

A trailer from 2020 gives you a first overview of the game:

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What is Vintage Story about?

Survival is the keyword. Vintage Story offers you a sandbox in which you face the natural dangers of the randomly generated world, but also creepy horror monsters, either alone or together with friends. At least in case you are scared of block monsters.

Diverse world: Like the big model, Vintage Story provides numerous different biomes. Among other things, there are temperate forests and mountains, over the icy tundra and wide steppes to a huge wall in the Arctic.

Mysterious apparitions: There are also more creepy elements such as time storms, in which horror characters live in the style of HP Lovecraft.

Clarifying the story: Once your survival is ensured, you can set out and discover the background story of the game world. In ruins, for example, you can learn more about the state of the world and find old machines.

Vintage Story – View screenshots

Crafting with realism: While in Minecraft you simply build objects yourself in a menu, Vintage Story puts a little more emphasis on realism. To make a flint knife, for example, you place a slice of flint on the floor and cut out your tool, so to speak.

Development through the ages: This is the system you use to make better and better tools and equipment over time. While you are at the beginning of the technological level of the Stone Age, you later produce leather and erect imposing buildings.

Die Early-Access-Phase

Vintage Story has been in Early Access for four years now and has been constantly expanded with new content. So there was only a new update on January 3, 2021 that added things like underground lakes.

For the further course of development, the team is planning, among other things, more crafting and farming mechanics, a more sophisticated combat system and more story elements. And features such as VR support are also to come.

If you want to download the game, just visit the official website.

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