Victoria 3 expects a revised interface;  Players praise the changes – Game News

Victoria 3 expects a revised interface; Players praise the changes – Game News

Paradox continues to improve Victory 3. In the upcoming 1.2 patch, the developer will bring many improvements to the game’s interface, which the community is eagerly waiting for. Fans are happy with the direction of these changes.

The October launch of Victoria 3 went through with minor issues. Players have complained, among other things, about the weakness of the war system and the inconveniences related to diplomacy. Studio Paradox accepted the criticism and announced many changes in all key aspects.

Many of them will be introduced in the upcoming 1.2 patch, called User experience improvements. You can already check some of them by downloading the beta version of the update. To do this, click on the game’s RMB button on Steam and select the “Properties” tab, then “Beta”. Changes include:

  • improved trade route sign;
  • add the ability to change how notifications are displayed;
  • reduce by approximately 50% the number of messages displayed that do not directly affect the player at the time;
  • implementation of a new system of keyboard shortcuts;
  • rework the population preview panel to present more detailed information about the people of our country;
  • added three new map display modes (considering literacy, population, and infamy);
  • change the way convoy statistics are displayed: they will now be visible in the top bar, which will make tracking them much easier;
  • expand the diplomacy system to include, among other things, all types of maneuvers (rather than those that can currently be used), allowing you to see which requirements have not been met;
  • enrichment of the information displayed before a battle.

Of course, not all improvements will be made. You can read the full list here. The update will likely be available in the actual game at March 13.

The community was quick to react. Aficionados rented the general direction of the changes and the attitude of the developerappreciating the small as well as the big improvements.

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