VCT Lock In trophy, smashed during trip from Brazil to London

VCT Lock In trophy, smashed during trip from Brazil to London

youOne of the problems with tournaments is that if the winning team is not local, as would have happened with LOUD in Lock In, You must charge for the trophy, and send it well guarded to your home. That’s what Fnatic did this time.

However, one problem with this is that if not handled carefully, the trophy can break. And that’s also what happened with Fnatic, who arriving at London airport found the worst news.

“Someone took it out of the suitcase and dropped it”

Chronicle is the only player to have won two international VALORANT titles, the Berlin Masters 2021 and Lock In Now. The previous time, nothing had happened to his trophy. Now yes, unfortunately. He was the first to speak on his Twitter.

Special thanks to @British_Airways for safely returning our trophy.“, he began. This, of course, was ironic, because the trophy appeared in his suitcase, but broken. According to the player, it is impossible that it happened to him in the suitcase itself: “In this case, it is impossible to break it, someone grabbed it and immediately dropped it“.

The truth is that the picture is dark. Less than 48 hours after Fnatic clinched the international title, they found their trophy shattered. British Airways have contacted the team and we will see if they can sort out the problem.

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