Valve wants to announce several Games, Single Player in Focus

Valve wants to announce several Games, Single Player in Focus

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Valve had already announced in the past that after Half-Life: Alyx they wanted to make more games again. Because for many years the studio focused mainly on the further development of Steam and hardware such as the Valve Index VR headset.

Now Gabe Newell speaks personally about new projects in an interview with the website 1 News. He literally speaks of several games that are in development and that will be announced. “It’s fun to publish games. Half-Life: Alyx was great – to finally make single player games again, spurred the company to continue in this direction, ”Newell said.

The Valve boss does not reveal more, however, and instead addresses the question of why he is so incredibly reluctant to answer questions from fans and the press about new games:

“I have successfully not spoken about these things for a long time and hope to continue until the question is superfluous. The great thing is that by not answering, I prevent the community from thinking up new, similarly difficult-to-answer questions. ”

How he works, he demonstrates directly with an answer to the next question from 1 News, which tries to elicit something from him about the mysterious project »Citadel«. This is supposed to be the next game that Valve wants to publish after Half-Life: Alyx. We have summarized the rumors and assumptions about Citadel in December 2020.

The only thing that is certain is: Yes, Valve is making games again and, after the great success of Alyx, is apparently focusing on story experiences for single players.

What are Valve’s current games doing?

Valve’s most recent titles alongside Half-Life: Alyx have always focused on multiplayer. These include games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, both of which are still receiving new content, but also the auto-chess title Dota Underlords and the card game Artifact.

  • How is Dota Underlords doing? Underlords development seems to have fallen asleep. The last update appeared in November 2020 and the fans are still waiting for the start of Season 2. Since the release in June 2019, the number of players has decreased significantly.
  • Artifact coming back? Artifact, on the other hand, started back in beta after the flop in 2018. In May 2020, the first invitations for the test phase of version 2.0 went out after Valve decided to completely change the title. Since then, the game has been quiet.

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