Valheim: Where to find Coal? Our Guide

Valheim: Where to find Coal? Our Guide

In your quest for survival in Valheim, coal will be a very important resource for you to create tools or as fuel. Follow our full guide on how to find them.

In Valheim, to craft certain tools for yourself, or to create a foundry, you will need coal. Relatively common, you will need plenty of it to put it to good use.

Our comprehensive guide to Valheim shows you how to find coal.

Here are three ways to get Coal in Valheim:

  • By eliminating Surtlings, in the Marsh biome, you have a chance to obtain Coal. You can also get it from some chests, but the probability rate is extremely low.
  • If you burn a dish when cooking, you will automatically get charcoal.
  • Thanks to charcoal oven, you can store 25 wood, and get a charcoal every 20 seconds or so. To make this oven, you will need 20 stones and 5 Surtling hearts.

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