Valheim Trailer arrives in Early Access –

Valheim Trailer arrives in Early Access

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Trailer Valheim is coming to early access

Last June at the PC Gaming Show, Iron Gate announced Valheim, an open-ended survival and exploration game set in a fantasy-oriented Viking world. Today, the studio tells us that the title will enter early access soon.

Generated procedurally, the world of Valheim will be available from February 2 on Steam. When players launch the title, they will start in the center of a tiny kingdom, which will have to be built with castles, strongholds, exploration, crafting and wars. The title promises various environments, ranging from forest to snow-capped mountains, to meadows. Playable solo, Valheim will also be playable in co-op with nine other people. A good way to apprehend the fights more calmly, which will sometimes pit players against big bosses from mythology.

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