Valheim: The developers want you to start over with Hearth & Home

Valheim: The developers want you to start over with Hearth & Home

From 16 September 2021, the rough Viking world of Valheim will become a bit more homely. On this day, the big update Hearth & Home will appear with a lot of new content. If you want to experience everything that the patch has to offer, then you should say goodbye to your old game world. At least that’s what the developers want.

Why a new start should be worthwhile for you

On the in-house YouTube channel, the developers sat down by the crackling campfire and talked about the update, which fans have been eagerly awaiting. If you want to fill your drinking horn with mead and listen to the stories yourself, here is the complete video. Below we summarize the most important things for you.

The developers are dampening the high expectations for the time being, because Hearth & Home should not “change drastically” Valheim, the update is more of a basic work for the upcoming rebalancing. Even so, there are a lot of big and hidden changes.

And so that you don’t miss any of it, lead designer Richard Svensson advises:

“I really hope people create a new world and start from scratch instead of playing with their old worlds. Because we’ve added and changed so much, so if you want to experience all of that, this is probably the best option.”

“And we would recommend it that way. I know a lot of people want to stay in their old worlds, but that’s probably not ideal if you want to see all that new stuff.”

For example, there are new locations in the biome levels, which, however, are not built into areas that have already been explored. You have to discover a new area to find the new features. Turn your back on your old homeland to find an even more beautiful one – that goes perfectly with epic Viking legends.

In addition to balancing changes to two popular weapons, there is also a very curious change coming with the update – an ingredient that literally sucks. Hearth & Home will be released on September 16, 2021.

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