Wood in Valheim is a very important resource since it will allow you to build your house in particular. However, this wood you will find at the start of the game is not the only one available. Indeed, here we will see how to obtain precious wood.

The classic method of obtaining precious wood

The first thing to know is that you will not be able to find precious wood at the start of the game on Valheim or at least you won’t be able to farm it easily as we will see later. Indeed, you will necessarily need a bronze ax for this.

If you don’t know how to get bronze, we recommend reading one of our previous guides. once you have your ax, you will have to go in search of birches and oaks and cut them down to be able to have precious wood.

Alternative methods

While the method we have presented to you above is the easiest way to get precious wood, know that there are a few more if you don’t have an iron ax yet. The easiest on paper is to successfully cut down a tree and that it falls on a birch or an oak which will thus fall in its turn.

Otherwise, it is possible to have a troll chase after you and do the job for you. For this technique, it is better to be several to make things easier. One of the people then takes care of attracting the troll while the others collect the wood and precious wood.

Finally, the last technique to find precious wood, it is to find a wreck of a longship. There you will be able to find some precious wood. But this method is still quite random because it is necessary to find these wrecks.

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