Valheim now integrates the Vulkan control | Patch Notes

Valheim now integrates the Vulkan control | Patch Notes

Through an update, Valheim, one of the games of the moment, adds the API likely to improve the framerate and limit the bugs of its interface.

500,000 players connected simultaneously on Steam, more than 4 million copies sold in barely three weeks, we can no longer count the figures of the growing success of Valheim. The game from Coffee Stain and Iron State recently added an interesting patch, since it adds the ability to use the Vulkan plugin.

We learn in the latest patch note on Steam that the Windows version now supports the API, which could fix several crashes related to certain Drivers, or even improve the frame rate according to the studio’s post. To force the command, just right click on the game in the Steam library, and select -force-vulkan in the launch options.

In the other fixes we can also read on the note:

  • Fixed object duplication bug
  • Bug of the harpooned player and bug of the harpooned boat fixed
  • Correction des ragdolls
  • Improved Bone Mace, Moder, and Yagluth
  • Updated Moder Music
  • Correction of tombstones
  • Fixed worlds destructive bug (press ALT + F4)
  • The Deathsquitos now hear from further away
  • Improved audio on ovens and whetstone
  • The shared position on the map is now saved
  • Network data update (F2)
  • Vulkan support on Windows
  • Network disconnections corrected

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