Valheim: New Patch weakens the Deadliest danger - Mosquitoes

Valheim: New Patch weakens the Deadliest danger – Mosquitoes

In Valheim, the Deathsquitos aren’t that annoying anymore.

In the steam hit Valheim you fight against dangerous trolls, formidable bosses or evil tree monsters. But no creature scared players as much as a Deathsquito! The big mosquitoes got on the nerves of the players of the successful survival game. Because sometimes they could kill with just one hit.

What has changed now? With the patch 0.143.5, which was released for Valheim on February 10, the developers of the survival game have taken some of the horror away from the mosquitoes. Because they don’t cause quite as much damage now as they did before.

If you also want to get on board in Valheim, we have important tips for you:

Valheim’s mosquitoes of death

What are the Deathsquitos? These flying pests are insects that you can find in the plains of the game world. As soon as you hear the hum, you should be careful. Because, even well-equipped heroes have a hard time fighting the death mosquitoes.

With just one hit, they have been able to deal over 60 points of damage so far, which knocked a Viking straight out of the mountain without buffs and eliminated them with a so-called “one hit”.

How have players dealt with the mosquitoes so far? Only those who wore silver armor and used a lot of buffs could venture into the Deathsquitos. A bow and arrow also helped to take them off from a distance.

If you were lucky, you succeeded in a parade at exactly the right moment of a mosquito attack, which paralyzed the mosquitos for a second. Enough time to strike with one well-placed blow. Because even the pests can hardly stand anything.

Players say thank you for the nerf

What do players think about this change? As small as this adaptation may be, it is currently being celebrated in the Valheim community.

50CalCoffee writes on Steam:

“It brings tears to my eyes. I spent four hours recovering my body after I was knocked out by them. Tens of boats and sea snakes later I got them back. That was a very traumatic experience.”

GoodBadMedium says (via Steam):

“Thanks for lowering the damage on the Deathsquitos. I had an almost impossible body find three oceans away from my home base because of them.”

Schmidtdude writes on reddit:

“Lower Damage on Deathsquitos – that’s the only patch change that really matters!”

DiegoRed had wanted another change to the Deathsquitos (via Steam):

“They are annoying, but I am divided on this. I have no problem with the monsters being heavy, but especially with the Deathsquitos I would like to be heard from further away.

Too many times I was stabbed from behind by someone just because I didn’t look back enough and suddenly someone was on top of me. Sometimes they are also difficult to see in the area (which is okay, that increases the tension).”

With the current patch for the Steam hit Valheim, the annoying Deathsquitos are no longer that dangerous. They are still not to be underestimated, but they have probably lost a lot of their nerve factor.

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