The steam hit Valheim inspires players not only because of the gameplay and the atmosphere, but also because of the mod options. Player “an0nymooose” is now delighting you with his work “Bonemod”.

Mod turns your Vikings into monsters

“Bonemod” enables you to change individual body parts of your Viking in Valheim. This leads to partly funny, partly terrifying results. Do you want a giant with small arms like a T-Rex? No problem. Or you reduce or enlarge the head, give the hero tiny legs or an extremely muscular torso.

You decide how your Viking should look like. The possibilities are endless. And all of this works via chat commands. How exactly you have to proceed, you can read in the description of the mod.

“Bonemod” also works in multiplayer. Other players will then also see your (miss) designed hero. In fact, your settings are retained when you log out of the game and log back in again.

You can download the mod via Nexusmods. The BepInEx tool is required to be able to use them. So you first have to download the tool from the Thunderstore, install it and then copy the MoneMod.dll file into the plugins directory. You are already changing your Viking using the chat commands.

Valheim is still a big hit on Steam even though the survival game is still in an early access phase and not all of the content is available yet. In the course of this year, the developers want to release several major updates with new content.

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