Valheim, Craft: Our Crafting Guide and list of Recipes

Valheim, Craft: Our Crafting Guide and list of Recipes

In Valheim, crafting is a key part of the adventure. Allowing you to create offensive or defensive equipment or simply to rest, crafter will be essential in order to survive, which is why we offer you a guide to master crafting in Valheim.

At the heart of the gameplay of Valheim, available exclusively on PC, you are dropped in a gigantic sandbox and must fight to survive in a hostile environment.

For our complete guide, we’ve prepared a guide with all the information you need to craft and some recipes for you to experiment with.

Resources for crafting are all over your world in Valheim. For example to obtain wood, you just have to knock on trees so that wood falls to be collected on the ground; for stones, you can also find them on the ground, especially near black stones.

Finally, you can find meat by killing the game that populates the island. However, some crafting resources or items only unlock when you have completed certain quests or defeated certain bosses.

For crafter in Valheim, you will have to create a workbench, which you can also level up. This workbench will also be the place where you can create your base, in particular to be able to rest.

Finally, as you equip your workshop, you can then unlock new recipes. The game makes your life easier, and will give you all the possible recipes once you have one of the necessary materials. These recipes can be found in your inventory accessible with Tab key on your keyboard.

Craft tools: the list of recipes

  • Bronze ax
    • 4 wood + 8 bronze + 2 leather straps
  • Farmer
    • 5 wooden hearts + 5 bronze
  • Charcoal oven
    • 20 stones + 1 Surtling heart
  • Forge
    • 4 stones + 4 charcoals +10 wood + 6 brass
  • Foundry
    • 20 stones + 5 Surtling hearts
  • Portal
    • 10 naingris eyes + 20 fine woods + 2 Surtling hearts
  • Raft
    • 20 wood + 6 skins + 10 resins
  • Longship
    • 20 wood + 10 skins + 10 resins + 10 old bark.
  • Display stand
    • 4 fine woods + 1 bronze nail

List of recipes for crafting weapons and armor

  • Bronze sword
    • 2 wood + 15 coppers + 4 tins
  • Bronze helmet with horns


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