Valheim: Absurd Seed helps find Haldor

Valheim: Absurd Seed helps find Haldor

Valheim is the latest survival hit. Thousands of players collect resources, craft equipment, and build Viking huts.

However, there is one thing that causes difficulties for some players. The hidden trader Haldor is somewhere in the not exactly small dark forest biome. However, since each world is generated randomly, it is next to impossible to say exactly where he is.

A user on Reddit has now discovered a seed in which Haldor is only a few minutes away from the starting point.

With the Seed 42069lolxd, all you have to do is take a short trip south to meet Haldor.

The dealer has the following items on offer for you:

  • Santa hat (100 gold): This headgear is purely cosmetic in nature
  • Dwarf Reif (620 Gold): Is worn on the head and serves as a torch replacement
  • Megingiard (950 Gold): A belt that increases the carrying capacity by 150.
  • Ymir meat (150 gold each): A crafting material for the end game
  • Fishing rod (350 gold): The name is program
  • Fishing lures (10 gold for 50 pieces): It is difficult to fish without bait

The gold to pay Haldor can be found mainly in dungeons and by defeating trolls. You can also exchange rubies, amber and amber pearls for gold at Haldor. These items are only there to be sold by him.

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