Star War Jedi: Fallen Order had to fight for Jedi. The Ubisoft game could do without them.

Just recently, Ubisoft announced that it would work with the developer of The Division on a new game in the Star Wars universe. But we don’t know much about the upcoming project yet. However, some job advertisements could at least provide initial information.

Vacancies for the Star Wars game: Massive Entertainment is currently looking for a Senior Progression Game Designer, Senior Game Designer, Senior Writer and a Cinematic Narrative Director for this title. The skills and experiences desired by them suggest that in which direction the game could develop.

What kind of Star Wars game does Ubisoft make?

Action-Adventure Shooter mit RPG-Elementen

Based on the requirements of the game designer and game progression designer, it will be seen that it is a Action-Adventure mit RPG-Elementen will act. Because for exactly this kind of games both should have a passion. The former should also be familiar with shooter gameplay.

Will we see Jedi or Sith?

Since the title seems to be more on Shooter-Gameplay we can assume that the protagonist will possibly rely less on a lightsaber as a weapon. This also includes hints that it could be a game for The Mandalorian.

Whether we will even see lightsaber wearers is written in the stars. Because based on information about the development of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a developer first has to “prove himself” in the eyes of Lucasfilm before he can be used by Jedi.

What do we know about the open world?

Since the game designer has to deal with the creation of »creatures and non-hostile characters«, you will probably also visit peaceful settlements in the game world and also see some aliens or animals from the Star Wars universe. The senior writer must also have experience with “key quests or mission content for AAA games”.

The open world should therefore be filled with numerous tasks that tell small stories, but also offer larger, coherent quest series. These do not necessarily have to run linearly – which would fit more recent Ubisoft games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Odyssey.

What else we know about the upcoming Ubisoft title and Lucasfilm Games’ plans for future Star Wars games, we have summarized in our announcement news:

Star Wars: New open world game from Ubisoft, license no longer solely with EA

What does this mean for the game?

Some gamers have already rumored that the Star Wars project could be based on the typical Ubisoft open world formula. And the job advertisements also suggest that you probably have a title that turns out to be »The Division im Star-Wars-Universum« can describe, expect.

So the game will be quite different from EA’s recent Star Wars titles. With Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order we already got a relatively linear action game with Metroidvania influences. Star Wars Squadrons, on the other hand, was a space shooter, while Battlefront 2 focused on multiplayer gameplay.

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