Constance Knight, head of content, has decided to leave the company

Twitch just met her senior vice president of global creators, Constance Knight, who is bluntly responsible for the published content and management of content creators on the popular platform, bid farewell to the company following the recent controversies that have swept the company like an avalanche. Thus the company loses, at least momentarily, a key figure in its organization chart.

The farewell to Twich to go in search of a “new adventure” is not very convincing:

Officially his abandonment was motivated by his desire to find one “new adventure” and have new ones “Growth opportunity”, but it is really difficult to blindly believe these words, ignoring the controversies that have been hovering over the company in this last period. One of the most talked about is the recent general overhaul of streamer compensation, which on balance has significantly reduced the potential revenues of all content creators.

The relationship between Twitch and the content creators, obviously annoyed by this revision, went right through the Knight, and this has led many to think that its abandonment is somehow related to this unfortunate general overhaul. The new rules limit the profits of streamers who, where before they earned a profitable 70/30, today have to be satisfied with a 50/50, at least for the contents that invoice at least $ 100,000 in income starting from 2023.

The platform is playing a lot on its dominant role in its industry. Sector that Twitch and perhaps all too aware that he is almost totally in control. This control could ensure that all this does not result in changes in the balance – in other words, content creators either settle for it, or have to switch to much less popular platforms, reducing their potential catchment area. If it is therefore likely that most will remain with the company despite this blow, it is also true that this creates a break that no one will forget, a break that a small but daring competitor could one day exploit to try to overturn the balance of the sector.

The company also has other things to worry about, such as a pedophilia problem reported by many on the platform, as well as the gambling problem that hopefully has been solved with a total ban on the topic on Twitch. In short, there are many problems that the company is going through, problems that arise on such a large platform but which should be addressed and solved with the utmost diligence. And you, what do you think?

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