Turtle Beach has released plenty of great headphones over the years, but they’ve struggled to keep up with the best models from Astro and SteelSeries. However, with the release of Stealth Pro, they are now ready to take it to the next level.

The first thing that strikes me when opening the packaging and holding the headphones is that the build quality seems excellent. They have 50mm Nanoclear drivers which make them a little heavier than Astro’s A50s, but after using them a few times at 7-10 hour intervals, the weight hasn’t been an issue for me. The impression this product gives me is that it could take a beating without getting damaged.

The package includes the headphones themselves, a charging base for the battery that doubles as a wireless receiver, the microphone boom, two USB-C cables, and a small carry bag for when you’re on the go. My favorite feature is that it comes with two batteries, each lasting 12 hours, so I have a charge at all times, as long as I remember to change the battery after a long period of use . If for some reason you forget to change it, it’s super easy to do on the go, as it snaps easily behind a magnetic cover on the left ear cushion. If you’re unlucky and either battery goes uncharged, just 15 minutes of charging gives you another 2-3 hours of use, but I don’t think that can happen unless you are constantly on the go. Another feature is that the charging base has a USB port for other devices like your phone, should you need them.

Turtle Beach has always been focused on creating gaming products, but with Stealth Pro they wanted to take it a step further and even music and movies sound better than ever. We’ve already been spoiled with the sound of the SteelSeries A50 and the Arctic Nova Pro, but the Stealth Pro is right up there with those two, if not better. The sound is clear and with all the settings included in the amazing software (also available as a mobile app) you can customize it the way you like it.


However, the most important thing is the sound of the games. One evening I was playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 with some friends and, as usual, I was the first to find myself in spectator mode. On several occasions, I had to indicate to my teammate, who was still alive, that there were enemies nearby. Plus, he could tell her if they were above, below, or beside her. My friend couldn’t hear these things, so to me this shows how amazing the quality of this product is.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

Turtle Beach has incorporated Active Noise Cancellation into its products for the first time and does so in style for both the speakers and the microphone. When my neighbor mowed the lawn for the first time this year, neither my friends nor I heard the mower that was right under my window, even though I had it open. Sure, I got a good scare when I took my headphones off and suddenly heard all this noise, but nothing happened.

Overall, the mic is above average and could be compared to many standalone mics. In the recordings, you can hear a clear difference between the sound of these and the Logitech Blue Sona, but in calls on Discord, my friends assure me that the difference is minimal.


Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

In terms of features, it lacks the ability to switch between chat and game audio on the fly. This is something I use a lot on other models and was disappointed that I couldn’t do it on this one except for the Xbox version. After speaking with Turtle Beach, they assured me that an update will be available soon that will include this tool for PC.

After a long time the headphones can get a bit warm and in early spring I felt they were much warmer than others but when the weather was colder they also maintained those temperatures. This leads me to think that maybe there is a maximum temperature limit they can reach. My partner lives in a much warmer climate and confirmed that he also felt the same, although the temperatures in his area were even higher.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

Like most headphones today, you can connect them to two sources at the same time, as long as one of them is via Bluetooth. So you won’t miss important calls while you’re engrossed in a game, for example.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is a premium headset, premium quality at a premium price. It is one of the most expensive gaming headsets, as it costs around 370 euros, but it is worth spending that money. Right now these are my primary headphones and it will be very difficult to get them off this altar. The only thing that would have made them unbeatable would be if they came with support, but that’s hard enough. If you want the best gaming headphones on the market and don’t care about the price, stop looking. This is what you need.

As the Stealth Pro is right now, its rating would be a 9, but with the tweaks we’ve been promised they’ll introduce before it goes on sale April 23rd (to tweak game and chat audio), its rating It would go up to 10 without hesitation and that’s the reason we gave it in this analysis.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

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