Level Infinite and Hotta Studio announced that sounds of the sea It’s not a new Studio Ghibli movie, but the new Tower of Fantasy expansion, and it will be available on May 11. It will bring a lot of new content; a new map, a world boss, challenges and, of course, a new Simulacrum.

In this new adventure, nomads will dive into the mysterious depths of the ocean, exploring the deep underwater caverns of the dark source. To descend more and more, you will have to improve your equipment using missions, because each time the water pressure is much stronger. Additionally, two new puzzle solving challenges have been added, Patrol Guard and Idle Security Guard.

In Sounds of the Sea, the difficulty is related to the Dimension, not with the level of the player. This will make enemies and the environment stronger as you progress. A clear example of this is the addition of a world boss, Abyss: Nakya, a massive red arachnid skeleton. While it’s not all bad news, there will also be new rewards for opening chests and completing challenges.

Finally there will be a new physical simulacrum. Gnonno has a strong desire to become a great explorer, much like her grandfather Nuok, who was connected with the exploration team that discovered Innars. Gnonno has a great capacity under the sea, while knowing it perfectly. The problem is that his reputation was tarnished by an event from the past.

A few years ago he decided to explore with a friend, unfortunately only Gnonno returned. Many legends explain what happened, but what is certain is that the Simulacrum had to summon an octopus-like creature and control its tentacles to get out of there. It should be mentioned that Gnonno will have a somewhat special weapon called, the Miniature hurricane.

Tower of Fantasy

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