TMNT Shredders Revenge has exclusive crossplay between Xbox and PC

TMNT Shredders Revenge has exclusive crossplay between Xbox and PC

They have been quite intense days with many games within the world of TMNT Shredder Revenge. The game that came to Game Pass the day of its launch has been on everyone’s lips for its burlesque and unbridled style; True to its arcade style, the cooperative mode is a key factor in generating a great experience, with crossplay being a vital feature in these times of interconnectivity. As expected, this option is enabled on Xbox with PC, but not with other consoles.

This is not news that should surprise us, we already know that PlayStation has been suspicious of crossplay for a long time, creating a gap between Xbox, PC and PS players. In addition, the Nintendo Switch does not benefit from this feature either, so this system will remain exclusive to the Xbox and PC ecosystem for a while.

Xbox extends its inclusive practices with TMNT Shredders Revenge

Xbox has been characterized by always keeping its community together and with different possibilities to have fun, crossplay has been one of the movements that Phil Spencer has trusted and promoted. Today we see the fruits of this, as a connected community means more active players.

Returning to the news, it seems that it is a temporary exclusivity issue due to the non-action of other companies, most likely we will see it on all consoles in the future. For now, you can now play TMNT Shredders Revenge with Xbox Game Pass and enjoy all that this ode to the past has to offer.

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