Warzone has a new map. By surprise, and taking advantage of the mid season of the current season of Caldera, Raven and Call of Duty have shown the world the new Warzone map. Although it sounds very pompous, it is not about saying goodbye to Caldera and replacing it with a new map. It also has nothing to do with Warzone 2. It’s actually the one that’s going to be the substitute for Alcatraz or Renaissance Island.

Indeed, the new Warzone map arrives to replace the current island of Rebirh with a new island, more or less the same size, called Fortune’s Keep. For now, the official Call of Duty account has shown a first look at the map, but without specifying many details about it.

We also do not know the release date of this new map, and considering the dates we are on, it seems a bit strange considering that in a few months, Warzone 2.0 will make an appearance with its new map. Mind you, it looks like the reason the Resurgence map is being updated has to do with that the next version of Battle Royale will not have a Rebirth map at launch.

A Warzone map focused only on Rebirth

There are not many more details. In fact, the reveal of the new Warzone map has been done by the hand of the community, and the small parts of the map have been unraveled little by little. In fact, beyond the POIs and the general structure of the map, there is little information.

It is true that Fortune’s Keep is closer to Caldera than the current Resurgence map, with more open spaces. However, it seems that there are two large well-differentiated urban areas with many buildingss, similar to the central structure of Alcatraz Island.

Although neither the Call of Duty account nor Raven have given more details of the release date, it is quite likely that it will arrive with the new season of Warzone. It is also expected that this will be the last season of the game before the launch of Modern Warfare 2, scheduled for October 28 and a few months before the release of Warzone 2.0.

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