This is Diablo Immortal on both PC and mobile phone

This is Diablo Immortal on both PC and mobile phone

The Diablo saga has been one of those that we have had for a while without news except updates for the third installment, until in 2019 we had the revelation that many fans were waiting for and a fourth title of the main franchise was confirmed, of which we still We don’t have too many details.
Before we see more news and a possible release date for the fourth installment, we already have the new title announced in 2018, called Diablo Immortal, available to play for free and which has been published to be played on both mobile and Android devices. on PC.

A look at Diablo Immortal on mobile and PC

This game was originally announced to be played on phones and tablets only, so it came as a surprise see that finally Blizzard decided to take care of bringing it to the PC as well, something that we have already been able to see in the first days of the game’s life.

But in case there was still any doubt between the differences in the available versions, a new comparison of Diablo Immortal has been published on the ElAnalistaDeBits channel, in which we can see each section on your device, also making it clear that the computer version does not have as many settings as would be expected on the platform.

Diablo Immortal has just started its journey and we will see if it can reach an acceptable level of success.

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