We have good news for all those who are waiting for the release of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, since the complete intro of the game has just been shared, which will undoubtedly increase your desire to play it.

As you surely know, it was last July when Nintendo surprised us with the announcement of this installment that reminds us a bit of Fall Guys. Now, it’s a matter of hours before the title debuts on the Switch.

Due to the proximity of its premiere, different videos of the game begin to be published, so you can already see the full intro and even one of its first gameplays. You can see them below:

As you could see, the title looks incredible and will offer multiplayer games for up to 4 people, who will compete to be the first to reach the end of each of its levels.

It is worth mentioning that for now, the game only has a confirmed digital version, which can be obtained in exchange for $355 MXN, a purchase that will reward players with 89 gold coins.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch this Wednesday, August 17.

What did you think of the intro of this installment? Tell us in the comments.

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