ActivisionBlizzard keep the franchise alive Call of Duty over several generations of consoles, and a foreign fan discovered in Mexico a stranger” slot machine which makes the community wonder what it is.

While King’s Candy Crush, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, is known to appear as a slot machine in some casinos, Call of Duty is not generally associated with gambling, or so the world thought until now. to this discovery in Mexico.

A reddit user has caught the eye with a photo of a “strange” slot machine he claims he found in Mexico that features a slew of Call of Duty images.

Call of Duty is a series that dates back to 2003, and in that time finds like this have been remarkably rare as there are no official slots based on the franchise.

Since Konami is involved in the gaming industry with several property-based machines like Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid, it may not be impossible for more publishers like Activision Blizzard to enter this industry, however, we Mexicans know better. .

They find Mexican slots “inspired” by Call of Duty, but fans from other countries don’t know what it is

Now, reddit user Annual-Consequence43 has shared a photo of the Call of Duty slot he saw outside an establishment in Mexico. The design of the machine is inspired by Call of Duty: Ghosts characters that helped promote the 2013 game, which may suggest when this machine or its decals were created.

Beyond the Call of Duty: Ghosts art, the slot also features the main logo and that of Call of Duty Elite, an Activision Blizzard online service launched in 2014 that further illustrates the age of the device.

Despite images from the underrated Call of Duty: Ghosts indicating that the machine was made several years ago, it seems to work as it should, and while in Mexico most gamers know what this machine is. machine, many foreigners are still scratching their heads. head wondering what this device is.

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