Day number six we had last Monday in the Nexo League, and it left us, to the surprise of many, few shocks. The rankings are hot with a very fierce fight for the Playoffs, and here we offer you a compilation of the best games that have taken place on a key date for most teams.

We start with the victory of Kawaii Kiwis, in which the figure of Kaii was more than keywho signed a practically perfect match with Kai’Sa, with which he allowed his team to maintain the coldierato for another week. Indr4 made a Vi work perfectly which is still a very controversial choice, but with which he made Stormbringers alone in third position.

Highlights Matchday 6 of Liga Nexo

UCAM did not come out against TDC and placed their second victory with a Huge Ruxal in Jayce with which he trampled the goats. Right after we had the craziest match of the afternoon, with a match that lasted up to 45 minutes Bull released in front of O2V with an infernal soul. To end the day, ECORP was very good with its very trendy mid-jungle duo.

These are the highlights of a 6 day that leaves everything completely open for the weeks to come, with all teams still have options to enter the Playoffs.

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