There's a fast travel experience in GTA Online that you may not be familiar with

There’s a fast travel experience in GTA Online that you may not be familiar with

If you want to travel GTA Online quickly, this is usually associated with a previous investment. And then the actual process often costs something again. With an easily overlooked fast travel option, at least the latter fees do not apply – something a GTA Online player draws the Reddit community’s attention to.

Free fast travel for penthouse owners

In GTA Online you can become the proud owner of a penthouse at the Diamond Casino Resort. That will cost you at least 1.5 million GTA dollars, but brings a whole range of privileges with it. For example, that you can travel quickly across Los Santos without paying for it.

How it works? Find Tom Connors at the casino reception. There you can now select the menu item “Limousine Service” and have yourself transported to specified points in the game world. In contrast to the taxi rides from GTA Online, you don’t have to sit down the ride in real time, but will be teleported to the selected location immediately. Alternatively, you can contact Ms. Bakers by phone in the open game world, who will then send you a lemonade.

Fast travel completely free of charge: In addition, you do not have to bear any additional costs if you make use of this fast travel option. Because if you travel fast with your yacht, your submarine or even your assistant’s luxury helicopter, you always have to pay between 5,000 and 25,000 GTA dollars. For many GTA Online players, peanuts, but also small livestock, make crap.

The Reddit user yungnoodle shows how the free fast travel function for penthouse owners works in a short video clip. And yes, of course (as always) poor, poor Valet Felipe is upset.

What other fast travel features are there?

In GTA Online there are several fast travel functions in addition to the Limo service, but they all come with their own limitations. In addition, every high-speed trip will always cost you a small penny:

Fast travel as CEO by luxury helicopter

  • Pre-condition: Own an office as CEO
  • Costs: $5,000 GTA per fast trip
  • Restriction: You can only travel back and forth between your office and warehouses.

This is how it works: In order to use the high-speed travel of your company’s luxury helicopter, you have to register as CEO. Then contact your assistant by phone or via the interaction menu to order a helicopter for 5,000 GTA dollars.

The helicopter lands near you and can of course be aimed at by other players – so be careful. Once you’ve got on the helicopter, you can quickly travel to your office or one of your department stores.

Fast travel for killer whale

  • Pre-condition: Submarine “Kosatka” from 2.2 million GTA dollars
  • Costs: GTA $10,000 per high-speed trip, while Cayo Perico Heist preparatory missions are $2,000 GTA per high-speed trip
  • Restriction: Because the Kosatka is a submarine, you can of course only head for the coasts of Los Santos by fast travel.

This is how it works: For the fast journey of the Kosatka you have to go to the bridge of your submarine and take a seat in the helmsman’s seat. There you will then be given the option to select a fast travel destination. The fast trip with the Kosatka costs 10,000 GTA dollars per use, if you have just started a preparatory mission for the Cayo Perico Heist, only 2,000 GTA dollars.

Fast travel by luxury yacht

  • Pre-condition: Luxury yacht from 6 million GTA dollars
  • Costs: $ 25,000 GTA per fast trip or $ 10,000 GTA if you’ve hosted all of the yacht missions
  • Restriction: you can only travel from pier to pier – as long as it is not already occupied by another player’s yacht.

This is how it works: You can make use of the fast travel function of your yacht by visiting the bridge of your status symbol. From there you can head for 12 different fixed berths – as long as they are not occupied by another player’s luxury yacht.

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