VSs we have already announced to you in recent days the creation of a new anthem in the Kings League InfoJobs. Now it’s official and Saiyan FC It will also have its own anthem just like Jjantes FC and El Barrio.

the spanish rapper Door is the protagonist of the song and LeGrefg he only announced the trailer for the song. We can find out all about it next time Friday May 5 in a special program before the start of the second division.

“Today is match day…” is what was heard of the anthem. Also he called the singer live and he said that “the wait will be worth it” know the whole song.

Reinforcements for the Kings League and Queens League

This Sunday, May 7, the second split of Kings League InfoJobs and we already know who will be the 11th and 12th players of Saiyans FC. David Lopez will repeat the experience of this competition as player 11 there Roger Garcia will be number 12.

Saiyan FC only has a budget of 67 million for the second split and the president pointed out that there would be no player 13 at the moment. I would only consider it in an emergency due to injury.

According to League of Queens Oysho which starts on Saturday we already knew that the goalkeeper maria sampalo she would be the 11th player thus defending the goal of the women’s team. Player 12 will be none other than Ruth Garcia, Former professional footballer who was part of teams like Raising UD and FC Barcelona.

The other five Saiyans FC announcements

  • The new jersey will be presented on Friday, May 5. It will be in a special Kings League program where teams will display all their new shirts for the second split. Daniel Romo and Porta will parade with her on Friday alongside a girl who has yet to be revealed.

Preview of the new Saiyans FC kit

  • There will be restocking of merchandising on the Saiyans website and there will be XS sizes and children’s sizes. This will be the week of May 8-15. In addition, there will be a summer delivery with towels, flip flops and backpacks.
  • The Saiyans FC mascot will be Saru! It is a monkey since Saru in Japanese represents the word monkey. Moreover, it is directly related to Dragon Ball.
  • ¡The Saiyans FC campus! Children will have the opportunity to live a new experience this summer at the hands of the club chaired by TheGrefg.
  • The President spoke with Jessica Rodriguez and Daniel Romo, the coaches of both teams for Queens and the Kings League, respectively.

The women’s team coach commented as follows: “The Saiyans will work as if every game is in the Final Four”. In the meantime, it has highlighted Daniel about the male: “The current team has a lot of talent but in the attacking phase”. Moreover, he assured that he doesn’t like the Kings League ‘Mercato’ at all.

The BRAND Kings League Fantasy has arrived!

Kings League Fantasy MARCA is the official Kings League fantasy, in which you will be the president of your own team like Ibai Llanos, Casillas, Dj Mariio, TheGrefg or Kun Agüero. Create your team and get fantastic prizes. You can download the game both on the Apple Store as in the Android Play Storeas well as playing in the web version.

TheGrefg Releases Anthem Teaser Featuring Porta, Announces Saiyans FC's 11th and 12th Players

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