The RX 6700 XT becomes AMD's strong answer to the RTX 3060

New GPU: The RX 6700 XT becomes AMD’s strong answer to the RTX 3060

With the RX 6700 XT, AMD has quite a hot potato in the duel with Nvidia in the fire – if the card can be delivered well.

It’s an open secret that AMD will launch the Radeon RX 6700 (XT). A new but unofficial confirmation of this can now be found on Twitter.

Andreas Schilling from Hardwareluxx announced in a tweet an “imminent” release that could even be in the first quarter of 2021:

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Many had expected official information about the RX 6700 XT at AMD’s keynote at CES 2021, but only general new GPUs for the first half of 2021 were announced there. In this respect, a release in the first quarter would be a bit surprising.

How fast will the Radeon RX 6700 XT get?

As the name suggests, the RX 6700 XT will be one step below the RX 6800 XT. We expect a gap of around 20 to 30 percent that would place the new card clearly in front of the RX 5700 XT. This would make it very suitable for playing in WQHD.

Duel with Nvidia: The duel with Nvidia, more precisely with the already released Geforce RTX 3060 Ti and the upcoming RTX 3060, will once again be particularly exciting. Our test of the ampere card shows how fast the RTX 3060 Ti is.

RTX 3060 Ti: Test duel with RTX 3070 and AMD Radeon

RTX 3060 Ti: Test duel with RTX 3070 and AMD Radeon

If the RX 6700 XT can beat the RTX 3060 Ti, that would also be a problem with Nvidia in terms of VRAM equipment: The RTX 3060 Ti offers 8.0 GB, while the RX 6700 XT is expected to be 12.0 GB , also according to the above tweet from Schilling.

The RTX 3060, officially announced at CES 2021, will also offer 12.0 GB of VRAM, but will probably more or less clearly be beaten by the RX 6700 XT. This could put the 6700 XT in a duel with both Nvidia cards.

Price and availability issues

Two other very important factors will also be the availability and the actual costs in trade and on platforms such as Ebay. Should the RX 6700 XT struggle with delivery problems similar to those of the RX 6800 (XT) and other hardware, it should usually only be available well above its RRP.

The EIA is not yet officially known. But since the RX 6800 is 579 euros, we assume a value between 400 and 500 euros. The RTX 3060 Ti is listed at 399 euros, the RTX 3060 at 329 euros. Accordingly, the RX 6700 XT should beat these GPUs better.

Ultimately, however, these prices are only very theoretical values. The RX 6800 often changes hands for costs in the range of 800 euros and more, while the RTX 3060 Ti costs around 700 euros or more.

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